SKY webshopSKY is a fashion store on the Herengracht in Amsterdam. They sell beautiful clothes and accessories for women from renowned designers such as Isabel Marant, A.P.C. Ulla Johnson and others.
A few years ago we added a Wooconmmerce webshop to their Wordpress website. Until the current pandemic, only a limited number of accessories were offered in the shop. Now that has been greatly expanded and we recently added a chat function to help customers even better.

Your FinancialsYour Financials wanted a new website that reflected what kind of financial service provider they are. Personal, knowledgeable and experienced. So no glossy website with a lot of technical jargon, but a clear website on which two experienced financial planners explain what they can do for you.

And although they are a Dutch company, they also like to work for expats who can use support to familiarize themselves with the Dutch regulations. So a bilingual website English - Dutch.

Guda Koster

The previous website of Guda Koster was also made by TastyMouse.
Because we needed a responsive website, we immediately opted for a different setup and a new design. The new site has the same brightness as her recent photos.
The website has been an important communication channel for Guda for many years, she gets attention from all over the world.

As with all artists, the portfolio is the main part of the site. For this we use the Jetpack plugin from Wordpress.

ANBI QFWFThe Quest For Wisdom Foundation had several websites with partly overlapping content. Three of them have been merged into one website that provides information about the Foundation and its Quests.
The agenda is a Wordpress category with an extra date field. This way the activities are clearly announced without having to use an 'Event plugin'.
For the website, TastyMouse has designed a new logo and created various logos, including the quests and the ANBI status shown on the left.

The latest project of the foundation is Animal Wisdom where various stories and artistic expressions of animals are collected and presented through the Intercultural Wheel of Animal Wisdom.

hvdha comHans van der Heijden started a new office in Amsterdam in 2014. He had in mind clearly what kind of website he wanted, both in terms of design and the information he wants to put on it. The site was created with the Wordpress content management system and new projects are regularly installed from the office. The site is bilingual English - Dutch.

carmeneberz nlA well-kept technique, freedom on stage, a beautiful sound and a feeling for phrasing. This is what violin teacher Carmen Eberz thinks is important to give to her students.
Carmen Eberz gives violin lessons in Amsterdam to children of all ages.

Carmen has also developed and published her own violin method, Zo speel ik viool.

Carmen had clear ideas about content and form of the website. After a meeting, TastyMouse has created a new website using Wordpress and a custom theme. We then looked at this and talked it over soTastyMouse could finish the site.

The site is bilingual Dutch - English.

weblogement screenhost van de websiteElfletterig is the 'weblogement' of the Elfletterig Genootschap, this widest weblog exists for years. The Joomla content management system has already been upgraded several times. TastyMouse has been involved from the start. The design was realized in collaboration with artist PJ Roggeband, the eleven sourcerer.

The site is Dutch only and sice it's about Dutch words with eleven characters a translation is not expected. There are however great drawings on it.

gabriel kousbroek screenshot van de websiteGabriel Kousbroek is a multi-disciplinary artist. The website gives an impresion of his diverse activities and also shows his illustrations for different media. Gabriel places the new work himself on the site that runs on the CMS Joomla.

The site is Dutch only but has lot's of images :).

kop bloeit

Denkstof stimulates thinking and conversation. To this end, she organises side sessions, courses and training sessions.
Denkstof is constantly evolving, which also means that the site changes regularly. In structure, form and content. In doing so, we constantly try to provide visitors with the clearest possible information.

The latest development is 'Joris van Ooijen Creatief Denkwerk' (Joris van Ooijen Creative Thinking), in which the Think Tank initiator offers his rich experience and discussion skills to organisations. In the form of Creative Dialogue, Creative Input, Creative Coaching and Let's Talk lunch conversations.

TastyMouse thinks along about the set-up, structure and content. We take care of the design and partly also the illustrations, we made a series of icons for the new website of Creatieve Denkwerk. In addition, we provide the newsletter and we make flyers and readers, both printed and digital flyers. |

sarah van der pols website screenshotSarah van der Pols is a visual artist. Her website shows her work, the portfolio is therefore the most important part. In addition, there are posts about exhibitions and photos from the studio, residencies etc. The site runs with Joomla as CMS and TastyMouse places new messages and additions to the portfolio.