zoekmachine optimalisatie

The bigger the internet becomes, the more important it is to stand out. To score well in Google and other search engines. TastyMouse helps to make your site suitable to be found and gives advice on what is important to take into account when writing and placing texts.

The basis is good code. Modern content management systems are equipped for this. There are also additional extensions for search engines.

Then the text itself needs attention: all the keywords on which you want to be found must be in the text. That makes sense and people sometimes forget it.
Important words must be in headlines or subheadings. These headlines must be appealing and contain keywords.

For the 'ranking', the placing in the list of search results, it is important that there are relevant links to your website. Articles in professional journals, links from websites of professional organizations, customers and partners.

TastyMouse can help you with all these matters. With advice and by taking over tasks from you.